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Bengal Ownlandcity Multiprojecta India Ltd.(BOMIL) registered under companies Act ,1956 as a limited company and mainly working in Eastern India. General Terms & Condition in connection with booking of a plotted as follows:-

1. Bengal Ownlandcity Multiprojecta India Ltd.(BOMIL) is an arrangers,developers,promoter,advisor as well as marketing agent and are engage in promoting and business of development of plotted land and properties.
2. Intending purchaser may apply to the company with a deposit of 50% of the total price of plot as booking money for each plot.
3. Balance 50% amount for the plot will have to be paid strictly within 12/18/24 equal monthly installments. The 1st installment started from the following month of the completion of 50% booking amount of the plot .Installment to be remitted by the purchaser strictly within 10th day of each month.
4. The allottee / intending purchaser shall regularly and punctually pay all installments. The allottee shall not delay or withhold the payment on any ground and dispute or difference. In case nonpayment of any stage on default of payment of three consecutive Installment, the allotment shall terminated .In this event, the allotment is cancelled due to nonpayment by the allottee, the company will refund the amount received from the allottee after deducting 30% (Thirty percent) processing charge after 180 days.
5. The allottee may anytime hereafter refuse to take the said plot allotted to him/her by serving a notice of his/her intention on the company upon which the company shall cancel the allotment and the company shall refund back the deposited money of the allottee after 180 days after deducting 30% (Thirty percent) processing charge.
6. The allottee have to pay an amount of rupees 10,000/per cottah on account of brick approach road development charge before registration.
7. An additional amount for land filling and other development works will be charge extra for willing purchaser/s.
8. All the cheques/drafts should be drawn in favour of Bengal Ownlandcity Multiprojecta India Ltd. And crossed as”Account Payee”.
9. The company reserves the right of addition and alteration in the layout plan of the proposed project and also to reallot any of the plots of the project.
10. Documents are available for inspection in office only. Necessary paper will be handed over on registration only.
11. Registration cost, legal charges for documentation, service tax and other statutory charges will be paid by allottee.
12. All charge,fees,deposit etc. for any extra work ,mutation, electric connection relating to the said plot, maintenance charge and all other cost and charges relating to the project where the said plot is situated, shall be borne by the applicants, as and when it is necessary and essential, as asked by BOMIL.
13. Registration of plot shall preferably by done through the Bengal Ownlandcity Multiprojecta India Ltd.(BOMIL) .Registration fees & legal charges must be deposited to BOIML before 15 days of registration.
14. An agreement for allotment will be made on after receiving of 50% payment towards the plot price and after receiving of advance PDC for remaining due installments amount for the plot .Rs. 1000/-(one thousand only) will be charged towards cost of each agreement for allotment.
15. The expression “allotment” where used herein shall always mean “provisional” and will remain in force till final allotment.
16. Before completion of purchase if the allottee dies, the company will transfer the plot of land in the name of nominee mentioned in the application form without any charges.
17. During the period from allotment to registration, if any transfer is made then Rs.25/-(Twenty Five only) per sq. ft. will be charged.
18. Possession will be given only after registration and clearance of all dues. But project will be developed during the schedule period of five years from the date of booking.
19. In case of prolong monsoon, draught, flood or any other reason, which is beyond the control of the company, the registration and delivery of possession of plot shall be made accordingly.
20. If the company fails to complete the projects per commitment, allot tee may take refund to full deposited amount with interest rate @ 6% p.a. after completion of scheduled period or after 5 (Five) years form the date of booking whichever will be latter.
21. In case of any dispute between BOMIL and allot tee, the dispute shall be referred to the sole arbitration of an Arbitral tribunal appointed by the BOMIL, whose decision will be final and binding on the parties to the reference. The Arbitration will be in accordance with Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996.
22. If anybody dissatisfied with the arbitral award he / she may move to the appropriate judicial forum at Kolkata only.
23. Expected completion of the project site is five years.
24. The company reserves the right to accept or reject any application.
Accepted all the above terms & conditions in toto.

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